Konzert Termine

Sonntag, 4. Dezember 2011

The Who leben! Die echten Fans auch!!

So war die Stimmung nach dem Konzert. Einfach wieder toll. Und noch einmal vielen Dank an all die Fans.
Nach dem Konzert sind unsere Stifte vom vielen unterschreiben alle ausgetrocknet gewesen. Und so soll das sein!!

Allen Freunden von THE WHAT und allen, die es noch werden wollen wünschen wir ein frohes Weihnachtsfest und ein schönes 2012, wo wir uns alle hoffentlich wieder sehen. Es ist da schon was in Planung......Lasst euch überraschen.

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David Marley hat gesagt…

That is me at the front with an original WHO t shirt on. I saw the WHO live 3 times, and worked as a D.J. for 20 years including a residency at Coventry Locarno with Pete Waterman. Anyway let us get to the point. I saw this band and I could not believe what I heard, it was just unbelievable. They were so tight and everything was perfect, sound, movements and not a note out of tune. I shut my eyes on the Amazing journey track and you could not distinguish them from the real WHO.The way they started from the High Numbers to the early days of The WHO then progressed through the years with Tommy and then Quadrophenia was exactly as it really happened. It was one of the best concerts I have ever seen in my life and believe me I have seen all the top bands in the world from 1966 until now. It was only 12 euros entry and the same week the Cavern Beatles from Liverpool were playing for 40 plus euros. I would never pay that for a cover band. If you ever get the chance drive 100 kms to see this band ,I promise you will not be disappointed. All said a fantastic evening with a band that worked so hard ,got 3 encores and after 3 hours still had time to talk personally with the paying public, take photos and sign the bargain cd that cost only 6 euros !! Thanks lads for a great night,and cannot wait to see you again.David Marley. e mail davidmarshall771@hotmail.co.uk please let me know your gig list.

charly hat gesagt…

Hi David. Many thanks for your warm words. We are happy to get you happy with our music. Hopefully you´ll come to out next concerts.
See you on an Amazing Journey again.

Cheers, Charly